Monday, March 7, 2011

References and case study

Some of my references and casestudy


Finally I decided to do a short animation film that convice people to help an environment and make our world to be a better place.

I will use 3d technique for the project. I'd like to try films or other media but I think 3D animation is the best answer for me, they can be more creatively in visual and it's my personal favourite.

My audience is Teenager to young adult 16-22 . The reason that I choose this target group becasue I want to create a good thought about environment to young people.

Here's my roughly sketches and storyboard

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I decided to make a short campaign about nature and earth lovers, It'll show about how beautiful animals and nature are.

The visual will be minimal and simple. to make people realise what we have in our beautiful world. The campaign will create with 3d elements, 2d elements and text animation.
Some of Nature lover animation that I found use a negative method such as earth is dying or nature's going to burn. it's effective to audience but I found that the positive with beautiful world is more attractive.

here's more references

The Body Shop
1. This is my favorite one. The visual is simple and clean. It can be communicate to people easily.

Global Warming
2. This one is 3d animation + real footage. I like how they use camera angle,little bit shaky. The visual is warmly nice.

Canal Isabel
3. This is infographic of Canal Isabel. I like how they designed the visual that contain alot of information and the use of typo.

"Manfred" Short animation
4. The color and textrue is quite interesting here. I will try to apply them to my project.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sasin's Major Negotiated Project

This blog is made for tracking my major negotiated project.
also as a RVJ.

I'm interested in making a short 3d animation this term. The concept is
in development right now. It can be a campaign, Public service annoucement, education or short story animation.
The animation will be promote on screen in public place such as BTS, SIAM or teenager to young adult place. The audience will be around 16 - 35 years old.
The final outcome will be serie of short animation (approx 3 clips)or a medium length animation. It will be choosen as soon as possible.

here is Visual references that I have found for today.

Nature's life cycle animation
1. This one is the most similar to what I am thinking right now. It's about nature's life cycle. I like the technique and animating . 2D camera angle combine with 3D object animation is very interesting for me. Also the transition and creative is awesome.

TVC: Olympic
2. It's TVC for international Oympic. I like the way they zoom the camera out and telling the story is interesting. I can apply this technique in my work.

Jesus Animation
3. This animation is creative and funny. I love the timing, sound and slowmotion. They're very effect to audience feeling. I might apply this technique in my work as well.

8Bit Animation
4. An amazing 3d animation. I like the 2D angle parts that switch in&out in whole animation. The 2D angle come from old school game styles but the visual is using full 3D modeling that make it interesting for me.

World of Motion
5. "World of motion" a 2D animation. I like mood and tone of this animation,looks and coloring with cartoony style.